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Summary of OER MyOpenMath SCC 201

Continuing the work from 2020, Professor Marta Kowalczyk and I have been adding more chemistry questions to the MyOpenMath OER resource for our General Chemistry 1 students. Specifically, with the help of Professor Alioune Khoule we will be randomizing the questions (both numerical and multiple choice type). In addition, we will be adding interactive videos to the chemistry questions so that students can manipulate variables and observe the chemistry outcomes.

If time permits, we will also trial using MyOpenMath to create and conduct on-line exams. At the moment in LaGCC General Chemistry 1, instructors are using BlackBoard as the main platform to assess students.

Marta and Kevin

Review of Chemistry 2E Openstax (Kevin M.)

Chemistry 2E OpenStax review

The chapter sequence is easy to follow as it is similar to other General Chemistry textbooks. It is well organized in terms of giving students an explanation of the topic followed by some worked out examples and concluding with questions for students to attempt at the end. I also like the consistent methodology at the end of each chapter where it provides a sequence of:

 key terms –> key equations –> summary —> exercises.  

In addition, the e-textbook provides many chemistry concepts which link to out of the classroom/everyday life living (ie. Chapter 2, comparing the size of an atom to the size of a football field). The images provided are clear and have a descriptive text that links the image to the chemistry concept. Being an OER material, I am able to link some of the chemistry figures (ie. data table and graphs) to the on-line homework MyOpenMath so that students must use the textbook as a reference to complete their homework. 

In terms of the layout, I appreciate the table of contents menu bar that readily available while going through the chapters (as opposed to a paper copy textbook) so I can easily move from one chapter to another. I was pleased to know the various possibilities to access the Chemisry 2E textbook via a PDF version and an option to purchase a paper copy to support OpenStax.

To date, I have not had any issues about the textbook from students.

LaGCC OER Spring 1, 2021 Review

To date, a fascinating seminar which dives into the plethora of OER teaching materials. The leaders of the seminar have outstanding OER backgrounds and as a result are able to provide ample opportunity for the participants to explore their own OER interests while giving constructive guidance to navigate the different OER platforms. The OER themes in the seminar are presented in such a way that an array of disciplines and varying levels of OER participant expertise can exchange ideas.