Welcome to the OER Seminar!

This will be the home site for the Spring 2020 Open Educational Resources (OER) seminar organized by Ian McDermott of the LaGuardia Library, Alioune Khoule of the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, and Joshua Tan of the Department of Natural Sciences. Individual group project pages are listed here:

  • Health Science Group
    • Clarence Chan
    • Arlene Spinner
    • Daniel Roth
  • Humanities and Social Science Group
    • Nicole Lytle
    • Daniel Mann
    • Monika Ekiert
    • Charlene Bryant
    • Paul Fess
  • Mathematics Group
    • Roberto Lam
    • Elizabeth Krams
  • Organic Chemistry
    • Janet Gonzalez
    • Ian Alberts
  • SCC 201 (Chemistry I)
    • Marta Kowalczyk
    • Kevin Mark
  • SCC 202 (Chemistry II)
    • Amit Aggarwal
    • Midas Tsai
  • Microbiology
    • Olga Calderon