Day One Questionnaire

Our goal of converting courses to a Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) model looks different depending on the subject, particular course, and pedagogical goals. Even courses which are already been designated ZTC or have significant OER components developed for them can be improved in this regard. This questionnaire asks you to provide some preliminary ideas for completing this seminar’s goals.

  • What course will you be working on converting towards the Zero Textbook Cost model?
  • What OER/ZTC features (if any) are already present in the course?
  • What OER features need to be developed? Please be specific.

In principle, we would like compensation for this seminar to provide for the conversion of an entire syllabus which at its simplest would require verifying that reading assignments (e.g. textbooks) and other course materials are freely available and appropriately licensed. For some courses, such a conversion is straightforward. For others, it may require more work including but not limited to production of a significant amount of content or total redesigns of the syllabus. The work may be of such a magnitude that it might require a distribution of labor across team.

  • What outcomes do you think can be achieved given the timeframe and compensation provided? If yours is a team project, please indicate what roles specific team members will take on in this process.
  • Do you intend to develop any assessments of the OER modules? If so, how and when do you envision administering them?