SCC 201 (Chemistry I)

  • Marta Kowalczyk
  • Kevin Mark

The OER General Chemistry 1 LaGCC team has been developing chemistry questions using the MyOpenMath (MOM) platform which aligns with the on-line textbook OpenStax Chemistry 2E by Flowers, Leopold et al . 

Although the current set of MOM questions created by  other chemistry instructors outside of LaGCC can serve as a baseline for our LaGCC students, many of the questions did not take into account significant figures and did not establish a uniform system for students to report numerical answers (eg. scientific notation). As a result, Professors Kowalczyk, Tan and Mark have been improving the MOM General chemistry I question banks by adding both variety and depth to the question sets and in turn increase the number of questions for other chemistry instructors to use. Some of the added features include questions which reference videos from the PhET site and figures/tables from the Chemistry 2E OpenStax textbook.

Our goal is to have a complete set of MOM questions (20 questions for each chapter topic) and to have this in place in all General Chemistry 1 sections of our summer semester and in perpetual semesters.    ​