Summary of OER MyOpenMath for SCC110 (Amit Aggarwal and Midas Tsai)

We are developing open education resources(OER) for one SCC-110 Foundations of Chemistry course. The project that we are working on is developing Homework assignments with MyOpenMath(MOM) Platform. This semester we have developed five assignments that we implemented into ten sections of the classes. These assignments we used as extra credits.

Currently, we are using the McMillian Sapling learning program for Homework assignments and each student needs to pay $42 to the publisher company. At the end of this semester, we will administer a students survey to see their responses about how comfortable they are using MOM Vs. Sapling.  Are they getting the same level of help to do their homework, are they getting enough feedback for these assignments to enhance their learning etc..

We are working on developing the next five more assignments to complete free ten homework assignments for this SCC110 course during the summer. We will try to implement all these ten assignments in 2 sections on the pilot basis during the Spring II semester to see the impact of these assignments on students’ learning.