Health Sciences Group

  • Clarence Chan
  • Arlene Spinner
  • Daniel Roth

Current OER features

Arlene’s project: Increase nurses’ knowledge and ability to interact and educate with LGBTQ+ population.

Clarence’s project: Attempt to convert the Medical law and ethics courses to OER.

Dan’s project: Attempt to establish a test prep review course for the PTA graduating class.

 OER Features to be developed

  1. Arlene’s project: 
    1. vocabulary and terminology appropriate for LGBTQ+ population
    2. medical & psychosocial needs for this population
    3. awareness and interactions among care team members.
    4. resources
  2. Clarence’s project:
    1. Introduce the legal system of USA
    2. Legal standard of practice for healthcare providers
    3. Introduce ethical dimensions in healthcare practice
    4. introduce standard of practice for the profession of physical therapy
  3. Dan’s project:
    1. Review of content materials
    2. Application of relevant information:
    3. critical thinking and analysis of data
    4. Test taking strategies
    5. Stress management